New Construction Inspections

You wouldn’t be the first person to feel overwhelmed by “building a home”. It’s a complicated process that’s equally exciting as it is nerve-racking. With multiple parties working together to achieve your end goal, a new construction inspection can easily slip your mind.

But if it’s new, why have it inspected?


You don’t buy a new car that hasn’t passed strict quality control checks, do you? So shouldn’t your home meet the same requirements?

During a new construction inspection, roofing, insulation, electrical work, and flooring should all meet code standards and laws. Hire a trained professional to oversee the construction process. Even though most builders are quality-oriented, mistakes happen. With so many steps and people involved in the complicated process of building a home, you want to be sure your home is in good hands and will provide lasting value.

At BPG Inspections, our inspectors are specifically trained in new building methods and evaluating specific phases of the construction process. Our inspectors help both the homebuyer and builder keep issues in the proper perspective. They ensure your property meets code standards, manufacturer recommendations, and installation requirements.


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Superior Service

BPG employs more than 400 inspectors, engineers and service professionals who must meet rigorous training and on-going quality review standards. Our inspectors are passionate about helping you understand your current or prospective home. Over 98% of our customers said we added real value to the process and exceeded their expectations.  We stand behind every one of our inspections with a Superior Service Gurantee.  We’re confident our inspections provide real value.  If we don’t meet your expectations, we’ll refund your home inspection fee — it’s that simple.

Every BPG property inspection is protected by our 90 Day Inspection Guarantee* from the date of the inspection.  Our complimentary written guarantee includes up to $2,500 in coverage and covers the following items:

  • Foundation Walls.
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Main Roofing
  • Interior Plumbing
  • Central Cooling System
  • Interior Electric
  • Central Heating System
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BPG has committed substantial resources to the development of its state-of-the-art electronic Inspection Management System. The system features an enhanced comment library, and walks the inspector through the home, checking every system and structure. Reports are also available on our Web site within 24 hours or less. Most importantly, the system ensures that BPG reports provide the home buyer/seller with the most accurate and detailed description of the condition of the property.


We want the best, and hire only the best. Upon completion of the training program, candidates are placed with local mentors, who continue to foster their professional development on an on-going basis. BPG requires continuous training for all employees, and provides seminars and workshops to keep them informed of advances and changes in the industry.

Competitive Advantage

We are fundamentally changing the face of the home inspection industry, with new products and services such as Extended Advice, advanced training techniques, state-of-the-art computer hardware and software, and a commitment to quality and professionalism that is unmatched in the industry. We are the leading provider of property inspection services. Anywhere.


BPG Inspections strongly supports the professional development of our employee inspectors as well as various industry organizations that promote professionalism throughout the inspection industry.

Our Inspector Professional Development plan encourages our inspectors to explore national and local affiliations with those groups that further their own professional and technical development.  Our inspectors a members of groups such as ASHI, NACHI, FABI, CREIA, AARST and many others.