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Full time professional home and commercial property inspector since June of 1989

·        My goal is not to tell the future, but to discover, assess and report accurately, the conditions I find.

·        I provide direction to ensure you understand current conditions & can manage home ownership.

·        I do take a little longer to inspect your home than most inspectors especially because I will also explain my findings as we go.

·        My UNIQUE REPORTS are concisely written, property specific, composed off site and are often emailed within 24 to 36 hours.

·        I have inspected more than 8,000 properties from new to over 125 years old - from very small to over 14,000 sq. ft.

·        I specialize in attention to overall (non-cosmetic) detail & EXPLAINING home operation and maintenance.

·        There are NO DUMB questions! PLEASE ATTEND your inspection & please ASK QUESTIONS 

·       Despite that I am firmly an Elder aged person, my physical size and conditioning often allow me to inspect where few others can or will (I do consider my safety).

Qualifications ·        Member American Society of Home Inspectors - Certified ASHI member since 1993 #093943 ·       IL Licensed Radon Measurement Technician. Licensed since licensing inception in 1998. ·        Illinois Licensed Home Inspector - since licensing inception # 450.00265. ·        Termite/WDO Inspector. ·        Certified Mold Testing Technician – I am not currently performing mold testing. Training/ Education

·        ASEET – Associates Degree Electrical Engineering Technology

·        Minimum 20 hours of continuing education in home inspection per year, since 1992.

·        Nineteen years of previous career experience in the computer industry including facilities build-out and management.

Randy is meticulous in his inspection, and provided a very detailed property information report and photo report. We also really appreciate the tips and maintenance recommendations he included in the reports! 10/10!

Inspector Randy Foege was EXTREMELY THOROUGH. He carefully checked everything in the house. He explained what he was looking for and what he found. He was polite and personable. The report was available within 24 hours of the inspection.

Randy is very personable and sticks to his work.

Randy did an outstanding job.He kept us informed of what he was doing and why.Also, alerted us potential problems. Thank You , Randy

Randy Foege was very knowledgeable. He was generous with information during the inspection and in the detailed report.