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TREC Professional Real Estate Inspector #323

Scott Emerson started Scotts Inspections in 1983 after graduating from the Inspector’s Institute in Dallas and has been an active leader in the South Texas real estate industry ever since. His commitment to training has led to a strong, professional team of carefully selected inspectors. After performing nearly 15,000 inspections in San Antonio & surrounding areas, Scott is active in educating his inspectors, real estate professionals and builders on the ins and outs of residential, commercial and new construction inspections.

When Texas was considering the licensing act for Real Estate Inspectors, Scott represented the Real Estate Inspection industry by speaking before the Senate Sub-Committee meetings. He has been a guest on local radio and TV programs, has provided continuing education credits for State licensed insurance adjusters by speaking about mold and mold testing, and currently conducts monthly seminars for local real estate inspectors and professionals.

Scott built his company to be the largest in the San Antonio market by having the a priority of high ethics, educated inspectors, providing one inspection and one inspector at a time. His commitment to training has led to what he believes is the best team of inspectors in San Antonio and with the merger with BPG in January of 2017 has solidified his status as being the "Best Inspectors Anywhere"

Scott currently manages over twenty inspectors and leads all company training, as well as heading up the commercial division of Scotts BPG Inspections.

Scott’s long line of credentials and experience include:

  • Past President of San Antonio Real Estate Inspectors
  • Past President of Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors Association, San Antonio Chapter
  • Past Chairman of Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors Association, San Antonio Chapter
  • Past Chairman of National Council of Representatives of American Society of Home Inspectors
  • Licensed Disaster Housing Inspector
  • Certified Third Party EIFS Inspector of the Exterior Design Institute in Dallas
  • Certified Master Inspector, Executive Director
  • Certified Distance Education Instructor #68083

You can schedule an inspection with Scott by calling our office at 800.285.3001 or online at bpgwi.com.

Email: scott.emerson@BPGWI.com

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