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Ron Meier brings over 20 years of construction experience, and over 5 years over inspecting, to BPG. After studying HVAC at Ranken Tech, Ron spent many years in the Sheet Metal Workers Union in St Louis. But his passion became houses. So he began a rehab/handyman business. After getting married and moving back to Illinois, the opportunity arose for Ron to become a Home Inspector. And he has not looked back.

Ron's easy style lends to his common sense approach to inspections. He has a keen eye for inspecting your house, while sharing some tips that will save you in energy costs, with a few maintenance ideas to boot.

So if you are anywhere near the St Louis metropolitan area, contact Ron Meier. He wants to become your inspector for life. So call, text, email or Facebook him with any questions or comments about your home. Or to just discuss the latest Jimmy Buffett concert, or your favorite beach.

To schedule an inspection with Ron, call 800-285-3001 or order online at www.ezo.bpgwi.com.
After all, Ron's favorite thing to hear after an inspection is "You were thorough".

Ron had to do this inspection under very adverse conditions, yet remained professional throughout, and did a very thorough and professional job. Very much appreciated as always

I highly recommend Ron Meier as an inspector! You can tell he enjoys his job. He was very thorough, patiently answered questions, and took his time ensuring he saw the entire house.

My realtor suggested the company and my insurance agent suggested specifically Ron Meier. He was thorough and Efficient. The report was available in a few hours.

Ron was fantastic. Extremely professional. Extremely thorough. He was very knowledgeable. He was patient with all my questions and was great at explaining everything on a level that I could understand without feeling overwhelmed. He reminded me of my own dad. You can truly tell he cares about his clients and takes his job serious. I will definitely use him again. I highly recommend him.

Very thorough, excellent client facing service during the inspection itself.

Inspector very easy to talk with. Friendly

Ron is always great to work with. My buyers always comment on thorough he is and how he takes the time to answer any questions they have. Inspection reports are easy to read.

Ron was more thorough than I could even think to ask with such a serious life step

I am grateful for having this inspector! As a first-time home-buyer, I don’t have much experience or understanding identifying potential or common issues. The inspector was very patient with me! When walking together through the property, he pointed out and thoroughly explained key issues that need to be addressed in the short term and long term. Furthermore, the report I received gave me a mental framework to better understand what to do and how to approach this property. Fantastic!

ron was very knowledgeable, and detailed in his report and was more than happy to answer all my questions.

The last two inspections we've had with BPG were very thorough and clearly identified areas we need to address. Additionally, the inspections provided us with additional information about the house to help maintain it in the future.

Ron was great! Will recommend him highly to all I know that are purchasing anyone in the future. He was very thorough, answered each question I had was patience and thought, and was very punctual and friendly.

Ron was extremely helpful and thorough throughout our entire inspection. He answered all of our questions with detail and really helped us learn and understand everything. He made the inspection very easy and gave us a lot of reassurance with us purchasing our first home. We appreciate everything and are very very pleased with our experience.

Extremely thorough and knowledgeable

Ron Meier did a great job, very thorough and professional.

Ron was very knowledgeable and took extra time to ensure that we understood exactly what he meant as he described everything that he noticed. He was very willing to go over details and the report shows extreme diligence and attention to detail.

Ron was extremely knowledgable and thorough.

Ron Meier did a fantastic and thorough job. It was a pleasure to work with him.