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ASHI Certified Home Inspector #257149

NADRA Certified Deck Inspector
MO SAVE Disaster Inspector
Languages: English

Association Memberships
American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
St. Louis ASHI Chapter
Missouri Association of Home Inspectors (MAHI)
St. Louis Association of Realtors

Mark is St. Louis, born and raised, and resided in Missouri all but approximately 5-1/2 years when he was living and managing an off-the-grid scuba diving resort in Mexico.

For close to 20 years, Mark successfully owned and operated a professional construction company specializing in general contracting, remodeling, construction, and project management. Mark has also been involved in residential property management, project management, pr/marketing, and the hardware and building material industries. He entered the residential and commercial building inspection industry in 2014 after spending almost six years in Mexico helping manage an off-the-grid remote scuba diving resort with its operations and facilities.

Mark spends much of his spare time actively participating in the management and operations of St. Louis ASHI and volunteering on committees and as an ASHI national director. He had articles published in the ASHI Reporter, including a recent article titled” What you don’t know about smart homes. Mark has been a volunteer search and rescue team member for many years, helping local community emergency response teams, likes to travel, scuba diving, photography, cooking, and enjoying life.

American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI®)

  •        Director 2020 - 2023, American Society of Home Inspectors
  •        Director, 2020 - 2022, St. Louis ASHI
  •        Website/App Chair 2020 - 2022, St. Louis ASHI
  •        President 2018 - 2019, St. Louis ASHI
  •        Education Chair 2016-2017, St. Louis ASHI
  •        ASHI Council of Representatives 2017 – 2019
  •        ASHI Chapter Relations Committee Chair 2019

Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors®:

-         Subject Matter Expert for the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors®

Certifications / Trainings:

Memberships and Affiliations:

Recipient of the ASHI IRON MAN AWARD

All his inspections include:

  • 90-Day Major Component Guarantee
  • $10 Million in E&O Insurance Which Extends to the Referring REALTOR
  • Our Superior Service Guarantee

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Very pleasant to work with.

               - S. M., March 2021

Mark is very thorough and has attention to detail! I highly recommend him!
- L.F., St. Louis MO, September 2020


Awesome inspector always available and ready to educate Buyers and Agents through the inspection process.

-         B.W., St. Charles MO, June 2020

Thank you for everything, you went above and beyond!

-         S.C., St. Louis MO, June 2019 

Mark was very thorough and forthcoming with information regarding the state of the condo he was inspecting. Additionally, he was willing to field questions about the purchasing process since my real estate agent could not make it to the inspection. Warm, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I couldn't be more pleased with his work.
            -    A. K., June 2019

Mark was awesome! Super knowledgeable and extremely helpful in explaining things to a first

time home buyer like myself. I would recommend him to anyone!

- T. C., April 2019

Thorough and helpful. Explained every violation and the proper ways to repair them.
- S.O., Ballwin MO, March 2019

This was my first experience with the inspection. Mark did an excellent job handling my case from start to finish. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Mark provided me with information to understand what needs to be fixed and what should I pay attention to. I particular liked his patience to explain every detail I should know. I highly recommend Mark.

– M. B., February 2019

I could not be happier with Mark's inspection and report---he was thorough and meticulous and the vast experience/knowledge he possesses from his prior years as a contractor was obvious. As a testament to the accuracy/completeness of his report: there was an inspection performed on the same property not long ago by a different company, and Mark's report contained the same findings + more. Mark also took the time to patiently explain his findings, and also give recommendations for likely future maintenance/repairs. His closing comment to us was: "Even in a year from now, if you have any questions about the report or anything else, please don't hesitate to call"
            - S.N., St. Louis MO, January 2019

It was a pleasure meeting with Mark! As a first time home buyer I had many questions that Mark patiently and thoroughly explained and broke down for me to understand. Mark is a class act and was wonderful working with. Highly recommend!

- J.T., August 2018


Mark was excellent, timely, and extremely through. He was do open to questions and was very patient in providing answers which were easily understood by a novice.

- L.C., August 2018


Very detailed and helpful. Mark provided useful information for both present and possible future situations.

- T.B., July 2018


Great job

-         S.E., June 2018

As a first-time home buyer, Mark took his time to explain everything I needed to know during the inspection. He also offered to help if I have any questions down the road! I really appreciated his attention to detail and his willingness to make sure I understood everything about the inspection process. I give Mark my highest recommendation and my thanks!

- A.M., June 2018

He was on time, very detailed, and answered any questions I had.

-         R. M., June 2018

Mark was very thorough and provided great education to us as the buyers. We really appreciated the time he took to educate us on our future home so we would be more informed buyers.

- P.C., March 2018

Stella Brockman    2 reviews   

5 star

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mark Goodman was incredible. I literally felt like I was on an episode of "This Old House" while he took us through our inspection process. Being a first time home buyer, we had a lot of questions and hesitations, along with a lot to learn. Mark made us feel comfortable and was easy to talk to. He showed us not only things to look for in this particular house, but what was done well and what could be improved upon. Though we did not proceed with the contract under inspection, we will definitely be using him again. Came highly recommended by our amazing realtor Claudia Diel.

Brewer Kindra   9 reviews   

5 star

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had the pleasure of working with Mark on inspecting the home I'm buying. He was super thorough and very knowledgeable and professional. He took a lot of time to explain everything to me. He was great, I'd use him again in the future.

 Ian Price   2 reviews   

5 star    

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

ONLY INSPECTION COMPANY TO CONSIDER. Mark Goodman was professional, courteous, and VERY detailed, and explain everything clearly. Frankly they are the only inspector worth working with. Save yourself time and hassle by working with this group. Best decision you can make.

Irene Pappas Edwards   5 reviews·5 photos  

5 star   

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Mark Goodman is my go to Inspector! He’s knowledgeable, patient and explains everything to my clients thoroughly. He is responsive and makes himself available — if we have any questions post inspection and even after closing.

 Megan O'Brien   5 reviews   

5 star    

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mark was so wonderful to work with when he was inspecting my new home! He has so much valuable knowledge, especially for a first-time homeowner, and he gave me probably a million tips and tricks to make my ownership successful. 10/10 would recommend working with Mark!

 Jeremy Schmitt   2 reviews  

 5 star    

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mark Goodman was the inspector for a property we were looking to purchase. They got us in quick, he was very professional and answered all of our questions. Thanks for the good work!

Alex B   4 reviews   

5 star     

Positive: Punctuality, Quality

Mark Goodman did an excellent job inspecting our (hopefully) future home. He was incredibly thorough throughout the process and was happy to explain any issues as they arose. He seemed to know every little detail in a home, from siding to plumbing, even to security systems. I wanted to make sure I had the most thorough inspection possible, and I can assuredly say that knowing that Mark completed our inspection.

Super friendly and always willing to talk about the inspection report before, during, and after the inspection should there be any questions.

 Alan Terrill  2 reviews   

5 star     

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mark Goodman came when we needed him as we are from out of state and needed an inspection for a condo we have under contract in St. Louis. He was very thorough on every detail and explained every necessary cutoff and switch for our use in the future. He went out of his way to discuss items not even necessary to complete the inspection. I would recommend him and Brewer for any inspection need.

Service: Multi-unit inspections

 Tonya C   3 reviews 

  5 star     

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mark G. was a great inspector to work with, professional and detailed. This is my first home buying experience and he was nice to walk through a lot of things with me, and showed me things to look for and do in the future. I had some follow up questions and he took the time to explain everything in detail. Very satisfied with my experience.

 Christina Licata   1 review  

 5 star     

Mark Goodman handled 2 separate home inspections for us. He was very thorough and patiently explained to us all the details of the areas of concern. We felt he had our best interest at heart, which gave us confidence in his recommendations. He worked efficiently and conducted himself in a friendly but very professional manner. I would use Mark again and we highly recommend him for any residential inspection.

 David Adams   1 review   

5 star      

Positive: Quality, Value

So I had Mark Goodman perform an inspection for me and I cannot express the quality that he delivered. He is very knowledgeable and saved me from buying a complete money pit. He is really down to earth and I will only use him from now on. I would recommend him to anyone that wants a thorough inspection. He explains the things that he finds to give the buyer a little insight on things to look for in the future. Thank you, Mark,

 Adam Kertz   2 reviews·4 photos  

 5 star 

Excellent service and attention to detail. Mark Goodman (my inspector) was very thorough in his inspection. Additionally, he was willing to talk with me about the condo purchasing process since my real estate agent couldn't make the inspection. He also took several calls from me after the inspection to go over his report. His advice was crucial in determining to counter offer on my condo offer.

I can't speak highly enough about my satisfaction with Mark's work. I would recommend him to anyone buying a new place who wants a good idea of what they are buying.

 Chris A. Eng   1 review

5 star 

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mark is excellent. The price for the inspection was affordable and he was very thorough in his inspection. Due to the pandemic, we were not allowed to go through the walk-through and inspection with Mark. That being said, he texted about half an hour prior to completion of the inspection so that we could travel over for him to report on his findings. Upon arrival, he gave us a meticulous run-through of his findings, while contextualizing and explaining the the scope and scale of the issues. He wrote up the report promptly and we received it by email the following day. The written report was clear, meticulous, and comprehensive. When we met in person, Mark emphasized that we should feel free to reach out with any questions that we might have with the report. Indeed, he generously chatted with us on the phone for well over half an hour later that afternoon and walked us through the report. I highly recommend Mark for any home inspection.

 Vinicius Martins   8 reviews

5 star  

This is my first experience with Mark Goodman. It was a great inspection and he is very detailed and he made sure all my questions were answered. Not only he gave me the complete view of the condition of the house but also a great report for continuously maintaining it.
All his crew is also quite friendly, knowledgeable and patient.
I appreciate his and his team's services.

 Cathi Vogt   2 reviews

4 star 

Mark was very professional from the beginning and up until currently answering my questions which are many. He was very responsive when I tried to set up an appointment for an inspection and it was over the weekend because I can't make appointments during the week while I work so he was very receptive to that. He was on time, professional, willing to answer any questions, and very knowledgeable about everything that he inspected with the house that I was looking at to purchase. I would recommend him highly to anyone as a home inspector. Thank you for the experience!

 Bruce Bitler   3 reviews

5 star  

Mark performed a pre-drywall inspection on our new house. We are located out of state and were unable to attend the inspection. Mark's report had several pictures of issues. He spent a hour explaining the issues and local building practices that differ from what we are used to. He was very knowledgeable and explained the issues in great detail. His response was timely and reasonably priced. We would recommend using his services again.

Service: New construction inspections

 Daniel Rodrigues   5 reviews

5 star 

Mark Goodman was the best inspector I ever met!

He arrived on time and did a VERY detailed inspection.
He also demonstrate to be up-to-date with the latest norms and best practices which gave me the confidence I was in good hands.

Mark was also very clear when explaining the issues he found in the property and how severe they were. That information was essential to help me assess my investment, prioritize my budget and mitigate and/or fix problems. After the inspection he dedicated a good amount of time to shared important information about how to care care of the property so I could retain and even increase the value of the house.

In summary... I got all information needed to make the right decision.

Thanks Mark Goodman!

Another happy customer :)

Dr. Pink   Local Guide·16 reviews·4 photos

5 star   

Mark Goodman was our inspector, and he did an amazingly thorough job. We were very impressed with his attention to detail and the thoroughness of his report. I would recommend him to anyone buying a home.


 cufta05   14 reviews·1 photo

5 star  

This was my first experience with the inspection. Mark did an excellent job handling my case from start to finish. He is very professional, knowledgeable and kind. Mark provided me with information to understand what needs to be fixed and what should I pay attention to. I particularly liked his patience to explain every detail I should know. I highly recommend Mark.

Blake Barnes   Local Guide·113 reviews·56 photos

5 star     3 years ago

Mark inspected two home for us. He was thorough, professional,
and incredibly knowledgeable. He gave realistic and honest answers to all my questions. He walked me through everything that would be on the report while we were still in the house during the inspection time. What really amazed me was how reachable he has been. I had a few questions after the inspection and he returned my calls right away and gave great advise and answers. I would definitely recommend him!

kimberly fillmon-smith   3 reviews

5 star  

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mark was completely thorough and professional during our recent home inspection before purchase. He was knowledgeable and answered our extensive questions with professionalism. We highly recommend Mark and will definitely call on his services again in the future.

Seth Near   Local Guide·9 reviews·117 photos

5 star    

I could not be happier with Mark's inspection and report---he was thorough and meticulous and the vast experience/knowledge he possesses from his prior years as a contractor was obvious. …More

 Duong Nguyen   5 reviews

5 star   

Mark Goodman is the best inspector that I have even known ( I have multiple properties). He is extremely thorough and dedicated. He explains every single details and give us such valuable suggestion that could only come from years of experience. Highly recommend.

 Spencer Smith   Local Guide·13 reviews·13 photos

5 star     

Mark was great. The inspection was very thorough, and as first time home buyers, he patiently answered any questions we had. He was very easy to work with, and I would 100% recommend him for anyone looking for inspection services.

 Thiago Afonso   Local Guide·19 reviews·137 photos

5 star     

Mark Goodman was fantastic! Extremely thorough with everything. The fact that he had pictures of everything that he discovered along with the full explanation as to why it wasn't correct. The report in web format was just as thorough and detailed, Mark took the time to answer all my questions and go through my concerns after I got the report.
He highlighted what was of high importance along with any safety issues and why they needed to be addressed. I couldn't have asked for a better inspection!! Highly recommended!!

 Matthew Bailey   5 reviews

5 star    

Mark Goodman is the man. Incredibly knowledgeable, great communication. Glad to have him represent me in the home buying process. Did you know he's the president of the Association of St. Louis Home Inspector? He's the real deal. Very happy customer.

 Rob Mo   Local Guide·25 reviews·5 photos

5 star     

Mark was our inspector and he was terrific. He answered every one of our questions, walked us through everything, gave us explanations, took his time and was extremely informative and professional. He treated it as if he was buying the house. We will use this company again if I ever buy another house!

 John D   12 reviews·4 photos

5 star  

Mark is very professional and detail oriented. He places his customer's satisfaction with the quality of his work extremely high on his company's objectives. You can count on Mark to give you the exact facts related to your inspection and the utmost integrity and honesty in his inspection reports.

 Ivana Mueller   3 reviews

5 star    

Our inspector Mark was very kind and knowledgeable during the entire inspection process. He answered all my questions with great detail in the same way that he wrote his report. Very pleased with the service provided!

L Nichols   2 reviews

5 star   

My inspector was Mark Goodman. He was on time, VERY knowledgeable, thorough, and detail-oriented -- just what I needed in a home inspector. The house was a little older (built in the early 50's). He identified some asbestos in the basement that hadn't been disclosed. He also explained safety issues and what to look for in an asbestos-abatement company. Without his expertise, I may have walked away from this house. Thank you, Mark!

 Liliane Bonfieti   Local Guide·110 reviews·91 photos

5 star   

Mark was great. Very patiently explained every bit of the inspection, especially the problems. In addition, Mark made sure to say that we could call him at anytime, even if it's 1 year later, as he prefers that we have the right information.
Inspection was very thorough and comprehensive.

 priscilla Lunsford   2 reviews

5 star     

Mark Goodman was delightful to work with. He was courteous, thorough, and professional in every way. I would recommend Mark to any and all who need inspection services.

Brenda Mengwasser   6 reviews

5 star    

A very thorough home maintenance inspection that will be of huge help to us as we work to improve our home. Mark was here most of the morning and he was thorough and really helpful. We received our official report within a few days of his visit. Highly recommended!!

 Tom Cunningham   Local Guide·76 reviews·10 photos

5 star   

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mark was willing to show us first hand what areas needed attention. He thoroughly explained what the trouble areas were and what needed to be done.

 Brady Root   Local Guide·28 reviews·48 photos

5 star

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Absolute pro. Mark was able to explain things clearly and thoroughly to first-time buyers like my wife and I, made a very detailed report available immediately after, and was a good resource for questions - even outside of the inspection.

Sylvia  3 reviews

5 star     

Mark Goodman was great! Extremely thorough and explains issues sufficiently. He made sure I had a good understanding of all the issues, and provided recommendations as well.

 El Presidente

2 reviews

5 years     

Mark Goodman was very professional and explained everything out to a tee. I very pleased at how thorough he was in every aspect. Would recommend to anybody that longs for great service.

Megan Nilson

2 reviews

5 star    

Very friendly and helpful. Mark Goodwin is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. After working with him twice you can tell he always puts the costumer first and will do whatever he can to help.

 Shari Telaar

2 reviews

5 star   

Mark was patient, thorough, and professional. He answered my questions and explained things so I had a clear understanding of the issues at my property. I am much appreciative of his expertise.

Gabriel Vinas

4 reviews

5 star    

Mark always went above and beyond to ensure I understood the inspection report and was always available to answer my questions. On top of this, he is a great individual and very professional. I highly recommend him.

 Bryck Guibor

Local Guide·36 reviews·10 photos

5 star     

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Mark was very good. This inspector is An SME and knows his stuff.
Whats that mean ? This a subject matter expert.

 Sean O'Connor (Coach OC)

4 reviews

5 star     

They did a great job. Mark was awesome at explaining everything he was looking for and how severe each issue was. Highly recommend!

 Camillo Padoa Schioppa

1 review

5 star     

Mark is very competent and he has been extremely helpful in all aspects of the inspection. I recommend him fondly.

Eric Bonin

1 review

5 star     

Mark did such a thorough job with our inspection and also helped explain everything to us in ways we could understand! Thanks Mark!

 Brian Dickus

11 reviews

5 star     

I had an inspector by the name of Mark Goodman. Very professional and answered all the questions I asked. I would highly recommend using Brewer.

 Kmberly Barnes

Local Guide·12 reviews·1 photo

5 star    

Mark Goodman and crew did an awesome job. They also educated me on things I did not know. I would highly recommend this company.

 Robert McDonald

3 reviews

5 star    

Mark Goodman was on time, very detailed, and answered all of our questions. Highly recommend.

 Mike Hartnett

Local Guide·197 reviews·480 photos

5 star   

Mark Goodman was smart and professional. Will definitely hire again! 

Mark is superior.

Mark Goodman is an AMAZING inspector and the inspection went very smoothly. He is thorough, detailed and pleasant and my clients love the way the walks them through his findings, many time as they walk along with him. He never minds them following along and is responsive to any concerns they might see along the way. He also alleviates some of their worries when they aren't clear on certain things. I use him whenever possible and will continue to do so.

Mark was amazing to work with, very informational from every aspect of the inspection and answered every question that I have had through out the inspection process. I would def recommend this company to anyone looking to get a inspection on a home.