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I joined Cincinnati BPG Home Inspection Services to offer my past and present experience in construction and remodeling to my clients. I am still a contractor performing all tasks involved in constructing or remodeling a home.
        I graduated from Cincinnati Technical College in 1991 with an Associates degree in Civil Engineering /Construction Management. As part of my college Co-op I worked for a local homebuilder where I was involved in every aspect of the home's construction. I feel that experience alone allows me to inform and educate my clients about the inner workings of a home they would like to purchase. I encourage questions as I perform the inspection.
        Prior to, during and for 17 years after I was responsible for the maintenance and repairs of 15 apartment buildings, 2 commercial office buildings, and 1 small retail shopping center. 

For the past 12 years I have owned my own construction and remodeling company. During this time I have remodeled new homes to old historic homes. There is not much construction I have not seen or done. 
        My goal in becoming an employee of Cincinnati BPG Home Inspection Services is to give my clients the most information possible about the home they want to purchase. I am NACHI Certified and an associate member of ASHI. As a Cincinnati BPG Home Inspector, I am available to provide to you a pre- purchase inspection, a pre-listing inspection, or a commercial inspection. I can also perform inspections on apartment buildings. I encourage my clients to be involved in the inspection. If you have a question, please feel free to ask. This inspection is for you, so if there is something you want clarified, be sure you ask. I also would like my clients to know that I am available as long as they own the house to answer any of their questions.


        I can be reached at gotten@bpgwi.com. You can schedule your inspection online.  Or, follow me on Facebook: gary otten-buyers protection group.  

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A key step in the inspection process is the summary done with the buyer's agent and the buyers. Gary does an excellent job of providing a clear summary. My clients have a good feel for what is critical and what is not before getting the written report. This allows them to ask questions while were are on the property.

very detail oriented

Gary was very knowledgeable, and answer all questions to my satisfaction. He always made sure I understand and never talked over my head. I truly appreciated his knowledge that he willingly shared! ??

Gary was punctual and very professional and thorough.

Gary did a great and thorough job inspecting every part of my new home. His knowledge and experience provided me comfort in knowing exactly what needs done before I move in. Beyond leaving me confident with the condition of the house, Gary was friendly and eager to answer any questions I could think of. The whole process was very educational.