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Thank you for taking time to review my profile and considering me for your home or commercial inspection.

My goal is to find any issues with your home or potential issues that will be an added expense or cause for concern.

I encourage you to be present at the inspection and ask as many questions as you would like. I also invite your questions after the inspection; it can be days, months or even years after I inspect your home.

With me as your home inspector you’re going to get 


  • A thorough inspection that will contain a lot ofpictures and easy to understand explanations

  • A high standard of professionalism and knowledge

  • Follow-up and accessibility.


Thanks for your choice; this inspection will be helpful in your home purchase decision


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The home inspector was very thorough and took the time needed with my client to explain and to show her every detail. (Anthony)

Anthony was quite thorough in noting both the problems and the structural integrity of the home.

The inspector went above my expectations answering all my questions with my first time home buyers.

Anthony did a phenomenal job on the re-inspection that we needed to be done. He really made sure he had our mutual clients best interest! Will definitely recommend and use again.

Anthony is very professional and knowledgable.

The inspector did a wonderful job and was very thorough. When my husband spoke to him on the phone he offered a lot of detailed information and opinions that helped us to understand the information he found. He was very knowledgeable and we appreciated his work.