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Inspecting Since: 1995

Career Inspections: 7,500 + Certifications: ASHI #201515, FL State Licensed #HI4160

Before I was an inspector I: Installed mechanical, multiplex, & fiber optic Telco equipment all over the US (10 yrs). / Mechanical drafting for restaurant corp. (Morrison's) 2 yrs. Major home renovation & addition to my homes in South Tampa Remodeled a few old homes in S. Tampa between 1985 & 1995. Hands on from blue prints, digging & pouring foundation, framing foundation, all other from block work, stucco, electrical, plumbing, making cabinets, always repair, & resurface my own roofs. etc. I apply my learning into inspection & qualify what I write in my inspection reports.


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Far exceeded expectation. I appreciated the inspector's attention to detail and ability to explain.

Doug Fuller is the best

Doug Fuller is the best.

Doug was phenomenal. I can't stress that enough. He took time to explain to me what he was doing, what he found, and never thought my questions were ridiculous. He did an incredibly thorough job and I can't recommend him enough.