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Serving all San Diego County, S. Orange & Riverside Counties
--CREIA Certified Inspector
--ASHI Certified Inspector (American Society of Home Inspectors)
--Pool & Spa Certification
--Commerical Inspection Certification
--Over 5,400 Inspections Performed in 15 years
--B.S Degree in Education; Master's Degree Oral Communication/Counseling
        Performing both Residential and Commercial inspections, I strive to earn my referrals from clients and real estate agents by making myself available most weekends and late day at no extra charge; going wherever I am needed throughout all of San Diego County, S. Orange & S. Riverside Counties; quickly responding to client's questions before and after an inspection. I can be contacted directly for those emergency last minute" inspections.
        Having been a pastor for 25 years, I have come to appreciate and enjoy people from every walk of life. Since I get to meet all kinds of people from a wide range of age, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, I look forward to going to work everyday! I don't even mind when clients bring their children. About every third year I become a real bearded Santa Claus, and everybody knows that Santa loves kids! (See my photo)
        I am the one and only inspector that usually shows up on a motorcycle! Often, the first questions is, "How do you carry the ladder?" Once they see my set up they say, "Now that is pretty cool!" Due to our great weather, I can ride the motorcycle about 48 weeks of the year. (See photo)
        Debbie and I have been married for 41 years and have 4 adult children and 10 grandchildren. (See photo) We like living in Vista, Ca. Vista has the temperature of 72 degrees more days of the year than any other city in the US. All our kids live close to us and we all attend the same church. It just doesn't get any better than that! Want to learn more about what a home inspection covers? Check out The Virtual Home Inspection Tour, compliments of ASHI.

David Jobe did a fantastic job! He provide my client and me a thorough explanation of the inspection, and of items of concern. His report was thorough and easy to read. I'll definitely use him for other inspections and am happy to refer him.

Dave is always punctual or he calls or texts to tell you he is running a few minutes late (has only happened once). He is very thorough, explains things to the client and is so easy to work with. He is not an alarmist but is very thorough.

Our inspector, Dave, was really patient and took the time to explain everything he saw with me. He also encouraged me to ask on- or off-topic questions. He was always able to stay focused on getting his job done. Dave made a few suggestions that would help me maintain my future home. Thank you!