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I was born into a construction household. My father was a contractor and growing up in Phoenix I spent more time than I wish to remember on job sites with him. I knew from an early age that I didn’t want to be a contractor or tradesman when I grew up. I become a pilot and flew commercially for 23 years, which was a great job for the first 19 years. After that, it was just a job that I really did not enjoy.

I have been a full time Home Inspector since 2004 inspecting thousands of homes in the Valley. I perform about 450 inspections every year. I only schedule a maximum of two homes per days (six days a week with Fridays typically off) to allow plenty of time to meet with you and get your questions answered. I do not sugar coat or gloss over issues. "It is what it is", and my job is to bring any issues or potential problems to your attention.

I enjoy the challenges of this job. I also enjoy educating buyers and explaining how the systems in the home function.

I am very detailed orientated and take an average 150 pictures on an average home. All the pictures are labeled and included in every report.

AZ Home Inspector License 41283

AZ Pest Inspector License 150684

Always a pleasure to see Larry and introduce him to my clients. Larry does an amazing job explaining the inspection and answering any questions. Thank you Larry!

We are all aware that grades are measured on a percentage from 0% to 100% with 100% being the best grade one can get. This is the first time I have ever agreed to go to %110 and actually stand by it, Thank you, Larry!

Larry was very nice and very thorough. Explained everything about the whole inspection findings

Larry is incredibly knowledgable and thorough with the inspection. His communication is excellent! He explains all items clearly and answers questions in a way that even an unexperienced homeowner/buyer can understand. He really puts people at ease in the way that he explains serious items in a non-alarmist way and adds a little humor to not-so-serious items. I recommend Larry to all of my Buyers!

Larry is the best I have ever worked with and will always recommend him and use his services! Had some other inspectors at BPG that were not the best experience, but love Larry's work!

Larry continues to be my "go to" inspector. Always great with my clients and very thorough with every inspection.

Larry is very patient when explaining the report to the clients. He makes sure to emphasize that not all items on the list are considered critical but serve to notify the buyers of items they should look at and evaluate if they should repair or replace them.

Our clients love Larry. He is down to earth and very knowledgeable. And our agents appreciate the way Larry presents his findings to their clients without alarming them.

Both our clients and our Buyer Agents really appreciate Larry Stephenson.

Our clients love Larry!

Larry is amazing. He is thorough and takes whatever time is needed to explain his findings. In this case, there was an issue with the pool equipment so he wasn't able to do that part of the inspection, but he went above and beyonds to get it done for us later within our inspection period.

Larry was on time, did a thorough job, great with buyers, very knowledgeable.

Larry does an amazing job and I'm my clients love him!

Larry is always very professional and does a great job explaining everything to my clients.

Larry S. did such a great job on the home inspection. He thoughtfully and thoroughly explained all the details with my clients that were first time home buyers.

Larry did a great job! He knew what he was talking about and explained everything so that I could understand. Very professional and friendly!

Larry is the best I have come across.

Larry is an absolute pro!!

Larry is my favorite Home Inspector - thorough and concise and knowledgeable and patient with all my buyer's questions.

Larry is one of the absolute best! His attention to detail and the way he explains things clearly to the buyers is amazing. He leaves them with confidence that they know what they're getting with the home.

Larry is consistently thorough, takes his time with clients, as well as the reports being well written out and descriptive!

Larry Stephenson is amazing

Larry is a Pro and is very thorough!

Larry is the absolute best. As an agent, it's always a relief knowing he'll be the one inspecting the house because it'll be thorough, honest and done right. Every single client who's used him has had only the best things to say about their experience and comfort level with him.

Larry's the best. "Period".

Larry (and our realtor staff) have been good at communication and follow through and we appreciate it.

Larry did a fantastic job (as usual!!!!!!) with this inspection. He takes his time and is so nice about explaining the findings-- we truly appreciate not only his technical expertise but the way he speaks with the clients!!!!! Thank you!

Larry was amazing! He was very thorough and knowledgeable. This was one of the best customer service experiences!

Larry was awesome tailored the whole thing to first time home buyers and walked us through everything. He answered all of our questions and was genuinely excited about his work.